New London Films is run by Michael Grenville. 21 years in the media, communications and entertainment industry. Worked for Illustra Films, Middle Eastern Broadcasting Company (MBC) for 7 years, Pixie Lott, British Fashion Council and managed Britain’s Got Talent’s Julia Naidenko. Lecture in Film and Television at London College of Communications.

For more information please view his LinkedIN page which hosts an up to date CV. http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/michael-grenville/15/259/279

Our working practices are as follows

Terms Of Trade – Standard Charges

1a We operate a clear charging system for our internal services charging a standard £65 per hour plus Value Added Tax for each process, unless otherwise stated.
1b We create bespoke quotes to suit each client’s individual requirements, with a breakdown of all required pre-production, production and post production services.
1c Our standard charge includes administration and insurance expenses, but not consumables, third party services or travel costs.
1d After a 10 hour day including a one hour lunch break, an overtime rate set at 50% of our hourly rate will be additionally levied.


2 The Production Process

2a Client and NLF communications via phone calls and
2b Client fills out job questionnaire
2c NLF produces written quote
2d Client issues purchase order and pays advance 50% of budget
2e NLF completes “project confirmation form” which includes terms and conditions, deliverables, schedule, rights information and payment details.
2f NLF requests questions for interviews plus client’s own branding media
2g Prior to production, NLF supplies music suggestions with up to 3 choices
2h Client transfers further 20% prior to filming day
2i For interview based productions; client chooses sound bites from audio files.
2j NLF sends client a rough cut of video edit for preview and comment
2k Client requests changes to the edit
2l NLF produces final edit and sends link to client for sign-off
2m Client makes final payment to NLF
2n NLF delivers master video
2o NLF executes requested media distribution and placement


3 N L F Ltd’s Standard Terms & Conditions

3a Orders & Purchase Orders
Before issuing NLF a Purchase Order, the client needs to answer the branding questionnaire, as these answers will determine the job requirements, schedule and cost.
NLF will then create a Job Confirmation Form specifying all production costs plus relevant taxes, production schedules, payment schedules and delivery dates.

3b Payment Schedules
To keep our costs competitive, NLF does not bankroll productions. Payments must be made to the agreed payment schedule. In case of payment delays, NLF reserves the right to charge a set delay fee plus daily interest at 5% above the Bank of England base rate. NLF may withhold delivery of products and services until scheduled payments have been made.

3c Postponements
Production postponements or delays will incur delay charges as specified: Up to 28 days incurs specific out-of-pocket expenses. More than 28 days incurs specific out-of-pocket expenses and may require payment of the full outstanding balance on the agreed budget to be settled before work resumes.

3d Cancellations
NLF has the right to invoice for the following cancellations fees:
Up to 28 days before agreed start date = 25% of agreed fee
Up to 21 days before agreed start date = 50% of agreed fee
Up to 14 days before agreed start date = 75% of agreed fee
Up to 7 days before agreed start date = 100% of agreed fee

3e Rights & Copyright
Who owns the footage? If the client pays NLF the agreed fee in full, the client can request the footage be sent to them if required.
To deliver client’s media, an admin fee of £65 per hour will be levied to cover transfer, edit and other production time spent, plus the cost of a portable hard drive and shipping.
Unless these rights are signed away and until overdue invoices are paid in full, NLF may not waiver its moral rights and reserves the right to syndicate media content to recover any losses incurred.
NLF has the right to use media content for publicity use on its website, social networking sites, mobiles and show reels.
For this purpose, NLF may edit and manipulate sound and vision, but will not misrepresent the client or the media content it has produced.

3f Licenses, Clearances & Credits
It is NLF’s responsibility to obtain relevant filming permits, clearance forms from interviewees, plus music licenses, royalties and clearances for all other media for use in the desired media platforms and territories.
It is the client’s responsibility to provide all rights related details for content it supplies.
For interviews and filming with staff, clients must obtain signed clearance forms (which NLF can provide) for permission to use media appearances.
For filming events at venues, the venue owner or an authorised representative must sign a location form permitting filming at their venue.
Audio and/or visual media produced by NLF may have specific usage rights in different territories for different periods of time. As the producers, NLF will sign legal agreements relating to use of content as requested and authorised by the client. Once NLF delivers content to clients, agents, distributors and/or broadcasters, it is the broadcaster’s responsibility to use the supplied media in accordance with agreed usage rights and to report any breaches thereof.
Unless otherwise agreed, NLF will be credited as the production company alongside its logo at the end of a video clip, or elsewhere upon agreement, alongside any sponsors and other parties entitled to a credit. The usual wording of the credit is “Produced by NLF + NLF logo. Other credits are included in agreement with the client.

3g Insurances
Unless otherwise stated, NLF holds public liability insurance for all work it conduct, with the exception of circumstances where NLF is acting as a booker or agent for artists and performers, whereby cover may be provided by the performer’s management.
Where work is conducted by several companies at a filming or production location, a main company will be denoted to ensure all relevant insurances are in place.

3h Health and Safety
NLF strives to comply with all relevant health and safety regulations in filming or production location/s and will conduct risk assessments at suitable times.