Using visual narrative mediums such as, commercials, film, online and television we provide branded, e-commerce and PR video communications to beauty, culture, entertainment and fashion companies.

Production (

  • PR Video (PR departments increasingly are looking for video as part of their press releases or to be placed on media websites, typically for launches and celebrity endorsement or partnerships)
  • Video Commerce (Video Content that is placed on your e-commerce part of your website to show, explain or endorse, typically fashion catwalk video, or demonstrations of a product or service)
  • Show Video – If you are a performer then you should show how good you are in a well made video that is punchy and not too long. (e.g. Entertainment Shows)
  • Event Video – For many industries trade shows represent a very important part to their sales plan, often requiring demonstrations. Take advantage of this by filming and publicising online. (e.g. Trade Shows)
  • Branded Video – Which do you think people prefer watching a video or reading pages and pages of sales talk? People remember and understand visual messages more than words. Show how good you are (e.g. video mood board, concept video)
  • Training Video – Beauticians, Hotels, Commerce all require training and increasingly online video is used as it can make money by allowing 1 person to reach many more people around the world than one can fit into a room for 1 training session.
  • Advertiser Funded Video – Increasingly there are opportunities for brands to get on TV. (For Television, Online, Mobile)
  • Production for Agencies: Advertising, Digital, Web, Marketing, Communications – Michael started his career working for one of the most successful Independent Production Companies, Illustra Films, producing media for such brands as Schweppes, Cadburys, British Airways, Corporate videos for the COI and the MOD. Last year we produced a major commercials campaign for Ecobank. We understand this world and are keen to pitch.

Video Distribution: Who is watching, where, and what is my ROI. We produce and distribute your multi media press release (copy, audio, video, stills) to journalists, websites and social media placing your video worldwide on the newspaper, magazine and online websites you want to be seen on. Examples and further information on request.

Media Strategy:
Devise strategy, engage experts, get results. We project manage everything, from logo design to website production.

Artist Consultancy: Management, bookings, production and PR. DIVA: Gwendoline Lamour

Additional Services

  • Streaming Services Working with our streaming partner we can stream your video live or post live. Create social media video systems such as Myspace, Youtube etc.
  • Copywriting Written by advertising professionals, television writers, academics or PR specialists.
  • Stills Photography Choose from photographers specialising in your sector, fashion, music, travel…
  • Website – working with our website partner we create the concept and project manage the development, design, build and upload.
  • Design – we work with a select group of designers with backgrounds in logo design, branding and CGI
  • Audio Production & Acoustic Branding Live and studio audio, as well as mix complex soundtracks. Soundtrack design using commissioned original music or license music.
  • DVD & CD Duplication DVDs, CDs and CD-Roms.